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Racism, bigotry, discrimination, the rejection to all that together with the interests of the powers that be triggered the process to put Barrack Hussein Obama in the White House. Some claimed America was not ready for a black president and I think that for different reasons they may have a point. My view is that America was not ready for a black president not because it hated the notion of a darker shade of skin leading the nation. The overwhelming majority of the American people favored that notion; what we were not prepared for was to deal with it once a black individual had been elected; thus, it took us both his two terms to adjust to the new reality until it was no longer new and no longer reality. In a few quarters the reaction to Obama's election was utterly racist, but for the most part a cowardly and philosophically dishonest paternalism prevailed. If we criticized the president we were racists, fascists, bigots and all sorts of negative things. BHO indeed got a free pass and his shortcomings and weaknesses were conveniently hidden by the biased mainstream media and a public opinion afflicted by a childish guilt complex. The presidency of the first African American Commander in Chief was marred by a surprisingly racist approach to the individual in question; never was he judged by objective minds since he was vilified by a few and blindly justified by most; people forgot that failing to see a wrong where there was one just because it involved a black person is as racist as or more racist than demonizing that person merely due to the color of his or her skin. 

The ruling style of the previous administration was somewhat dictatorial; the president had his hounds and nothing got past them; contrary to what appears to have been a plague for the first 200 days of the current administration, there were very few leaks under Obama and if there were any a whole army of minions was ready to shield their boss. The press usually looked the other way and hardly ever pressed hard enough on the real issues. The fact that the Obama administration destroyed Libya; overthrew a confessed thug (who had accepted to disarm and was a wall of contention against ISIS) only to create the current chaos that prevails in that African nation and the press let him and Mrs Clinton get away with it is a disgrace.

During the last administration we witnessed horrible episodes of racism; the police shooting at black subjects without a valid reason; black thugs murdering police officers point blank, and all our mundane president did was to fan the flames and utter unfounded statements. Barrack Obama couldn't have made miracles; but he was in a unique position, being a widely popular president, to usher us all to an era of better racial relations and an honest, candid and productive conversation regarding race in our great nation. Another failure, another missed opportunity that the complicit press and the coward public opinion chose to ignore.

On top of that the Democrats underestimated the widespread discontent of average America; they didn't care to choose a decent candidate and went ahead with the mafioso pact between the Obamas and The Clintons. Joe and Jane were tired of waking up every morning only to face accusations of racism; they felt they were guilty by default simply because their skin wasn't dark enough and their eyes were blue or green. In eight years the extreme left had pushed the agenda of anti America, anti white, anti religion and anti patriotism beyond any rational limit; voting for Obama in 2008 was the effect of a cause: the persistence of racism and other prejudices in some sectors of our society; that effect in turn became the cause of yet another effect: the election of Donald J. Trump.

If America is to survive; and that's a big if, it must abandon this shifting from one extreme to the other; if every new president is to dismantle the work of his predecessor we are in deep trouble and after a few swings of the pendulum frustration and anger can lead us to fratricidal violence 
We were never a people of extremes and if our elected officials don't care to be late to this most important appointment with history we must remind them who's boss. 

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